“I can’t believe I’m writing this…but, I laughed so hard, I actually wet myself, and not just a little dribble…I mean, I let my whole bladder go” – Ben T. Bollinger, Seattle Herald

“This guy puts on one hell of a show, I didn’t know he had it in him”-Louis Catron, WebGem ’09 Critic

“My sides hurt, and I think my face is stuck in a permagrin…I can’t wait for this to go public” -Renee Lagrotta, SOS Magagzine

“I wanna have this guys babies…and I’m a dude. Yeah, it was that good” -Sk8rDie, JustinGuarini.com messageboard

“Guarini truly captures the Comedic ‘Magical (Half) Negro’ plot device in these outlandish sketches!!!” -Smurrda.com